Pop Up Screens: The Royal Tenenbaums at Manor House Gardens Review

Pop Up Screens: The Royal Tenenbaums at Manor House Gardens Review

It has been a good few years since the first ever Pop Up Screens event hit our local parks, and with its growing success, it is no wonder why this summer’s event is even bigger! The idea behind the birth of Pop Up screens was being able to enjoy all your favourite cult classics in much more interesting locations. At these chilled out locations you can forget about the sticky carpets and uncomfortable seats that are on offer at the multiplex cinema, and instead relax on a blanket, with your friends and some beers – perfect!

This year, there are a lot more films showing at different locations, which matches perfectly to the gorgeous summer we have been enjoying. The events themselves haven’t changed much from the original, with a bar on the go and popcorn bag’s on offer, some of which are as big as your arm. However, this time round, Pop Up Screens are offering a new aspect to treat your taste buds, with the introduction of Pop Up Burger. So, with all this excitement, we got ourselves some tickets and  headed down to Lewisham’s Manor House Gardens for a screening of one of our favourites, The Royal Tenenbaums.

The location itself was only a short walk from the nearest station (Hither Green), and was very well sign posted. On arrival, we showed our tickets and were handed some free ponchos as the weather had been threatening to rain all day. We walked over to the small crowd that had already gathered, and found ourselves a good spot to lay down our blanket. The atmosphere felt really laidback with everyone getting comfortable and chatting away, which was such a refreshing change from the restrictiveness of the deathly quiet multiplex.

After a while we were feeling peckish, so we headed over to the bar and Pop Up Burger stall. There were quite a few burger variations to choose from, including a vegetarian option. As promised, each had their own film pun in their names – we chose the Maverick, which was a bacon cheeseburger, and the Burgundy, a cheese burger with lots of salad. The guys serving were really friendly, we had a lovely chat with them, and they explained that the burgers they use are the same ones that are used at Harrods, which meant they were really good quality. The burgers were cooked perfectly, were not greasy at all, and tasted really amazing; definitely not your usual burger that you pick up at a burger van. There was a constant flow of people purchasing burgers, so it was obvious that the Pop Up Burger was a great success and is something that should remain a permanent fixture at the events.

Before the movie started the guy hosting the evening said a few words on the microphone. He was really upbeat which was great as he got everyone excited for the viewing and was really informative, letting us all know some information e.g where exits/toilets were located.

The screening began promptly at 9pm. We were really impressed by the high quality of both the sound and picture on screen, considering it was outside and had started to drizzle. Unfortunately, just how the weather in the UK likes to turn, it did start raining quite hard. Luckily, like many others attending, we came prepared with umbrellas and we put on our free ponchos so we could still enjoy the film.

So why not grab yourself some tickets and head on down to one of the locations for a night with Pop Up Screens – a perfect way to spend your summers evening! Make sure you are prepared by bringing something to sit on, a jacket, an umbrella (if there is a chance of rain) and you can bring your own food and drink as well.  For more details and full film listings/locations please visit www.popupscreens.co.uk