Pop Up Screens (Event Preview)

Sometimes, there is nothing nicer than going to the cinema to enjoy the latest film releases, or just chilling out at home with an old classic on DVD. These are perfect past times, especially in the winter, when all you want to do is hide from the bad weather. But when it’s gorgeous, bright and warm like it has been this summer, it seems such a shame to be inside!

Fancy going to the cinema, but also want to make the most of the summer? Well look no further, as Pop Up Screens have come to the rescue with an event that will fulfill your movie cravings, whilst enjoying a warm summers evening!

Throughout this summer Pop Up Screens are back doing what they do best. Putting on another continuous Outdoor cinema event across many local London Parks. Head over to one of the parks, including locations in Morden, Fulham, Black Heath, Hammersmith, Holborn and Greenwich. There you can enjoy lots of the old classic, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Back To The Future or Pulp Fiction.

Why not make it a proper evening of fun and take along a group of your friends as well? Grab some beers, bring some blankets, and enjoy an alfresco, casual cinematic experience. If you are feeling hungry, but don’t fancy taking picnic food, then do not fear, as Pop Up Screens are also bringing a new element to their events which is sure to satisfy your taste buds! Introducing Pop Up burger, offering a range of bespoke burgers which are sure to include a film themed pun or two! Let’s not forget the popcorn, which will be freshly made for you to purchase, along with sweets, and there will also a fully stocked bar. There is really a little something on offer for everyone to enjoy.

All screenings start at around 8.30pm, but feel free to arrive earlier to pick a spot and get cosy. Tickets are only £10 for one screening, and £24 for a weekender ticket to watch all three films at one location – pretty good prices if you ask me! These can be purchased online in advance at http://www.popupscreens.co.uk so no long queues when you get there, which is always a bonus.

So why not ditch the chilly air-conned cinema, grab your friends and enjoy some outdoor film fun! I am so excited to attend the screening of The Royal Tenenbuams at Lewisham this Friday, and shall be reviewing my experience so watch this space!

For more information on the event in general, film listings and their locations please visit www.popupscreens.co.uk.