Our Picks for the best of Netflix

Netflix is becoming increasingly popular as a platform for everyone to watch TV shows that may have been missed, as well as films that were missed at the cinema. When Netflix first started, its main competitor was Love Film and it boasted about the amount of releases that were available, but, with the rise of the box set lover, there is now more and more television to watch. They even create their own TV shows that are exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

The best thing about Netflix is that it is across most platforms, so there are more ways to watch, whether that be on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your smart TV or your games console. To be honest, you can’t get away from it, but then again, why would you want to?

As there are so many releases in Film and Television (all for a small monthly fee), a few of us here at Vulturehound have decided to give your our ‘must watch’ list.

One TV show I never thought I would watch, but got very addicted to, was Gossip Girl. This teenage drama follows some very privileged teenagers in New York. You follow each character to find out what they are up to, and who they are involved with. Although this becomes a repetitive cycle, its very addictive. Plus, if that’s not enough, there is also the constant question of ‘just who is Gossip Girl?’ As all the seasons are on Netflix, its the ideal series to watch if you are looking for something light hearted to fill a few (actually a lot of) hours.

I am also going to mention some other TV shows but I won’t go into too much detail as they deserve a lengthy segment each, and, to be honest, you just need to watch them as they are truly masterpieces. They are of course Dexter and Breaking Bad. Both TV shows have so many twists and turns, lots of suspense, tons of drama, and will make you want to click straight onto the next episode and shut out the world.

Another TV series that is worth checking out is Sons of Anarchy. This follows a Motorcycle gang and has had me hooked from the start. I am not just all about the TV. There are some great films that need to be checked out too. Here are a few, The Royal Tennenbaums, Weird Science, Rango, Zombieland and Zoolander. There are too many. There are new films you wont have seen yet, and then those films that you can watch again and again. To be honest, I could list loads of top picks, but I wont. Let’s see what others from Vulturehound have recommended.

Mia Quibell-Smith recommends Orange is the New Black:

Intelligent writing, brilliant acting, and story lines that simultaneously pluck at the heartstrings and make you roar with laughter: Orange Is the New Black has it all. It’s rare (and frankly, quite refreshing) to see a show that has such an abundance of women, and more importantly, a truly diverse group of them. Within the first few episodes you’re introduced to a host of women from all backgrounds; black women, Latinas, a political activist nun, a fireman who transitioned into a woman, lesbians and bisexuals. Their stories are just as diverse as their backgrounds, and each story humanises the characters beautifully – something which most prison-dramas have been astonishingly bad at. The show also marks a real cornerstone in our political climate too, it’s partially responsible for the first ever Emmy nomination for a transgender woman, and has been a great platform for Laverne Cox to bring transgender rights into the public consciousness. Not to mention the fact that it’s sparked some great debate on how humane conditions in women’s prisons actually are. If that’s not enough to tempt you, the show is ridiculously funny too – the tampon sandwich scene is a particular comical highlight of the first series. And on the plus side, the show is so addictive you’ll only have to clear out a maximum of 2 days from your busy schedule to watch it, because you will binge-watch this show… no matter how hard you try to resist.

Sam Hawxwell recommends The Thick of It:

I’ve been told to watch it hundreds of times, and with time off, I decided to do it. I was glued to the telly for around 14 hours. It’s a great British sitcom and Malcolm tucker is an amazing character, as is the loveable Glenn! I haven’t seen anything as good on Netflix, it’s definitely worth the watch.

Rob Douse recommends Only God Forgives:

The ideal film for anyone who felt that Drive was a little too coherent, Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest offering somehow manages to feature even less plot than his previous effort. No mean feat, considering that at least sixty percent of the screenplay for Drive read [GOSLING QUIETLY SMOLDERS; ADJUSTS DRIVING GLOVES]. I’m still recommending it, though, because despite essentially being ninety minutes of nothing, it’s an incredibly compelling, beautifully shot piece of cinema; dripping with atmosphere and Kristin Scott Thomas dropping c-bombs. Also, I want to support Refn’s work because I have this theory that his next film is just going to be Ryan Gosling removing his shirt while solemnly clenching and unclenching his fists for an hour and a half, and I think we can all agree that’s basically a good thing.

So what are you waiting for? If you have Netflix, then get watching, you have a lot of hours to catch up on, if not then don’t let me stop you. Get yourself registered and get involved. Be sure to keep checking Vulturehound though for the latest TV shows and Films for when you have got through all of the above!