The return of Ben Howard with a stunning new single ‘End of the Affair’ marks a significant point in the artist’s career. After exploding onto the music scene with first album ‘Every Kingdom’, three years later this new single has been released to widespread acclaim from fans and a sense of anticipation for the planned album; set to be announced imminently.

End of the Affair’ is a climactic, intense track that builds on everything that Ben Howard has produced in the past – the most effective elements and aspects of the first album – to culminate in a 7 minute long masterpiece. Lyrics that account for the sombre aspects of the subject such as ‘end of the affair, the weight of the world, a kindness gone to bed…’ accompany a superb music bed that builds to a pinnacle towards its conclusion; encompassing the most passionate and soulful aspects of Ben’s voice. The hype and expectation around this single is huge and Ben has met these hopes and thoroughly surpassed them. I genuinely think this is the best work that the artist has ever produced.

Ben Howard is setting out on tour in September and the selling out of all of the tickets across Europe – within a matter of minutes – outlines the fame and brilliance that the artist conveys in a live setting. Fans were scrambling for tickets from the original announcement so the artist is sure to put on a stellar set of live performances.

Check out new single ‘End of the Affair’ below: