Into the Woods: Trailer Watch

Into the Woods is a fairy tale anthology following various Grimm Brothers favourites. Played by the hottest of Hollywood’s young A-Lister’s (and James Corden), they are lured into the woods by Meryl Streep’s mysterious witch for some as yet unexplained purpose. The trailer seems to be projecting a typical Disneyish sense of magic over its lush rural setting. The soundtrack has Hans Christian Anderson all over it, and each shot is positively choking on fairy dust. However, what’s interesting is the fact there seems to be a sinister edge lurking beneath the pretty faces and dusky cinematography. It seems all these character’s tales might start off in the traditional way, but, by the end, they may end up getting turned on their heads. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect anything too subversive – it was that expectation that made me walk away from my first screening of Frozen mildly disappointed – after all, it has an all-star cast, and comes out in the middle of Oscar season. So, if this is their latest attempt at Oscar Glory (something Disney hasn’t had in any real serious way since Snow White), it may have some rebellious ideas, but expect them to be neatly wrapped up in a big Disney store bow by the end of the third act.