Interview: 5 Days Of November

Back in early August we headed to the Peak District and caught up with 5 Days Of November, supporting our local talent which seemed to be flooding the stages at Y Not Festival this year.

5DoN are a young talented two-piece boasting psychedelic, driving guitars with air tight drums and catchy vocal lines to form a unique blend of neo-pysch and alternative rock..

So the band was initially a four piece?

George: Correct, we were originally a four piece and now we are a two piece.

Does that add more pressure now with just the two of you?

George: Yeah, I get a lot more nervous.

Woody: It’s more pressure because I used to be the guitarist, and I’ve only been playing drums for the last three months.

So you’ve piled it on yourselves?

George: Yeah, well we’ve been practising a lot and Woody has had to pick up a lot.

Woody: We’ve got a whole new set. Nine new songs in the last three months.

George: Which includes our new single which is available on iTunes.

Woody: “Cold Calves” check it out! (Nice plug..)

Is it difficult to create a cohesive sound with just the two members?

George: Its come quite naturally to us I suppose. I’ve always gone for a bigger sound personally anyway, and with your drumming being – I don’t like say simplistic – but it works.

Woody: The thing you’d imagine should be there is the bass, but because he’s got an octave peddle for his guitar you get a bass and guitar sound, so it works. Like the low notes of the chorus are there own bass line, where as the hight notes are more melodic.

So you’re set to plough ahead as a two piece. What’s the plan, what does the future hold?

Woody: We’ve just finished sixth form and as a four piece we were all going to take a gap year together, but because the other two left we’ve got a year of just doing the band.

Ben: Playing shows and then hopefully more festivals next year as well.

Woody: We’ve got a little tour coming in September.

Ben: Manchester, Leeds, London and maybe Liverpool.


Speed Round

What would you like to be remembered for?

Woody: Beards! Ginger pubic facial hair. Nah I would like to be remembered for being part of the new wave of incredible two pieces.

Ben: I like that, that’s good!

Woody: Along with Royal Blood, Black Keys and Bass Drum of Death.

Ben: And I love The Wytches.

Woody: But they aren’t a two piece.

Ben: They’re a three piece but there amazing.

Woody: What would you like to be remembered as? “I love the Wytches” hah.

Dream dinner guest (dead or alive)?

Woody: Exile84 (at the time sitting across the interview tent). Morgan Freeman obviously! Obviously..

Ben: Wil Ray from Max Raptor.

Woody: You’re such a poof! Joe Strummer would be my ultimate dinner guest.

How long do you spend in front of the mirror?

Woody: Me personally? As long as it takes to dry my hair.

Ben: Sunday morning twenty minutes in the car window.

Woody: I literally dry my hair and that’s it.

Favourite sear word?

Woody: Cock.

Ben: Cock, that’s the theme at the moment!

Woody: Possibly shit balls.

Ben: Cock and balls. We’re still young and are still learning..

Best excuse you’ve used to break up with someone?

Ben: Musical differences!

Best day of your life?

Ben: Probably today.

Woody: We’re in an interview tent with Exile84, and we did just talk to Max Raptor.

Ben: That’s pretty rad. Today’s been a good day.

Woody: Best day of my life, probably my 18th birthday? Or one of our first gigs with a band called Swift Lasby, they were incredible because the drummer was reeeally good.

(Tom (Exile84): Exile 84 are all from a band called Swift Ladsby, apart from me!)

Woody: So that was good.

Religious, Spiritualist, Humanist or None?

Woody: None!

Ben: No!

Woody: I believe in Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Ben: That was bold I like that.

Worst thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

Woody: I’ve done something really hideous haven’t I?

Tom (Exile84): Can you not remember it?

Woody: No. I haven’t put that many bad things in my mouth.

Ben: You have eaten some hideous things in the past…

Last band you saw live?

Woody: Who have we seen? We saw Three Minute Heist earlier today (at Y Not).

Ben: Last band we saw was Kings of Leon and White Lies, at the Sheffield Arena.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Woody: A dinosaur, an astronaut, a palaeontologist and a rock star.

Tom (Exile84): All in one?!

So you wanted to be a T-Rex investigating how it became extinct?

Andy (Exile84): ..In space with a ukulele!

Woody: What about you?

Ben: I wanted to be a superbike racer and a geologist. I had a thing for bikes.

Woody: So a superbike champion and a dinosaur.

Ben: Didn’t quite pan out really.

What would you say if you met the Queen?

Ben: Alright chief! I don’t know actually, can I have you number? That would be pretty rad.

Woody: In all seriousness I think I’d probably blush.

Ben: I’d be extremely nervous. Thinking about it, would she even have a phone? She’s the Queen. She writes letters and stuff..

Last time you were starstruck?

Woody: I saw my old music teacher in a pub last night.

Andy (Exile 84): Not really starstruck!

Woody: He had cancer and he lived! Last time I was starstuck I met Bradley Wiggins at the Manchester Velodrome, and David Miller. Kept his gloves as well!

(Illegible Random completely irrelevant banter between 5 Days of November and Exile 84 ensues..)

Weirdest moment of your life?

Ben: You had to kiss me in the ring of fire the other day, and that was horrible.

Woody: That was on the cheek though. We rubbed noses once.

Would you prefer to only ever whisper or only ever shout?

Woody: Only ever whisper, shouting hurts my throat.

Ben: I’d go for whisper.

Woody: I think whispering would be better because if you are in the bedroom shouting wouldn’t be great.

Ben: No it wouldn’t. Whispering would be more practical maybe.

Worst job pre-band?

Woody: Well we are only eighteen, and I’ve only ever had one job which was great. I worked in a guitar shop and it was amazing.

Ben: I work for my Dad, and I’m not going to lie its pretty awesome. You get free beer and he pays for everything.

Woody: So we haven’t really got an answer for that. We were doing the band before we had jobs.

Ben: We started that band as a four-piece when we were fifteen.

Woody: We’re too young to be here, we should go home. I’ll ring my Mum to pick us up.

Who would you like to cover one of your songs, and which song?

Woody: I would like to hear Miley Cyrus cover one of our songs, because we covered one of hers.

Ben: I’d quite like Lana Del Ray to Death Vibration, that would be pretty cool.

Woody: Something really poppy!

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.