Human - Livingston (Single Review)

Livingston has just announced a new album called Animal and have just brought out a new single called Human. The London/Berlin based band Livingston will release their new album in September. Livingston started their carer by releasing their first album called Sign Language. The album charted in Germany ‘s top 20 and their tours completely sold out. The band have now signed to Long Branch Record.

Human starts off as a very simple song, with easy, simple, and cleaver beats, and the lead singer Beukes Willems clear and powerful voice. Human starts off at the beginning as sounding very depressing almost like a sad song which will throw you into a flood of tears. The only other song at the start of Human is the simple guitar chords which accompany Willems calm, full, and distinctive vocals. The brand new song is good until the chorus starts, where some random techno beat is out over the song, which sounds completely weird, and hits you right in the ear, but, after ten or so seconds, that finishes and the song starts to sound truly brilliant.

After the first chorus, Human, becomes a brilliantly alternative rock song, but the song does take a while to really get going. Also, once the chorus begins, all the different instruments start, and it brings the whole song together and everything gets better. All the words become catchier and the drumming in the background is just perfect to create such a brilliant rock song.