Horns: Trailer Watch

I’ve never read Horns by Joe Hill, but after watching this trailer I might have to recommend it at the next monthly meeting of my local book club. It certainly surprises. I thought it would be more like a southern gothic thriller like The Gift or Killer Joe. Turns out, its more like John Dies at the End or Joseph Kahn’s Detention; stylized genre films, with a line in satire about as subtle as a Brain May guitar solo. It’s got that ‘just out of film school’ vibe to it. Director Alexandre Aja doesn’t have the greatest pedigree (The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors) , but he seems to be attacking this film with every trick at his disposal. There’s a madcap energy to it, and a sociopathic irreverence that could make the film a blast to watch. It’s not what I was expecting, but I’ll take it.