Harper - Velvet (Single Review)

An impressive debut from young Bristolian singer Harper, Velvet is a gorgeous, moody pop song that combines a deft touch, a hammer-blow of a voice, and truly luxurious production values to create what must be a future hit.

Starting with delicate, tinkling piano, and gradually building up as the powerful, lush vocals which kick in on a rich, keening note.  The lyrics are a complex blend, speaking of heartbreak and the deadly lure of this love.  Far from an original subject, but if we disqualify all music written about relationships, then we’d probably be able to fit all of the world’s music onto two CD’s.

Producer Elliott Govinden lends a polish and depth to the music which sounds ready for the charts off the first beat.  You’d expect that Harper has a lot of support already with a voice like this.

Despite being a pop song about love, there’s an edgy tone to the song, punctuated by the crash of symbols and the steady build across the track.  The trickling piano weaves through the track beautifully and is a well judged counter-point to Harper’s impressive voice.

Incredibly inspiring, Velvet should be a hit, and Harper should, with the right marketing, be a star.