Everafter - Who You Are (Video Premiere)

Who You Are by rockers Everafter has been produced by Chris Tsangarides, a legendary producer who’s helped the likes of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy become rock gods. You can see the appeal of Everafter to a man like Chris. They have an old school sound, bluesy and unpretentious. They have come here to rock, not mess about with over indulgent musicianship or complex production.

The video is a perfect accompaniment to such an unfussy track. It’s simple and straight forward. Its visual effects entertain without getting in the way of the music’s purity. It’s more concerned with watching the guitarists chug the awesome main riff than blinding you with flashy trickery.

I get the feeling these guys are going to go places. Look out for their album Everything Is One and their Jailhouse Rock tour.