Electric Wurms - The Bat (Single Review)

If you thought The Flaming Lips were annoyingly avant-garde, you are seriously not prepared for Electric Wurms; a collaborative six-piece formed from the members of the aforementioned seminal 80’s post-rock outfit and Nashville electro-psychedelia experience, Linear Downfall. Plucking frontman Wayne Coyne and drummer Steven Drozd to mix, with the female fronted group of the same ilk, it’s any wonder what two sets of space rock inclined minds can create; needless to say, it’s not quite for everyone.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what the album provides as a whole. The Bat is an angular experience, chock full of spontaneous drumbeats, wild flecks of synth patterns, and a beat which is whole-heartedly difficult to get into. The introduction of the radio-signal effect vocals that appear halfway through the track gives it an unsettling and creepy vibe, along with the all-around scratchy and dirty vibe that the song carries with it.

It has to be said, there’s not much in this track that carries a great deal of musical merit. It’s interesting, that’s without a doubt, and it knows what it wants to do, and it does it well…I think. This is definitely one for the fans, The Flaming Lips have such a signature style and so do Linear Downfall. The collision of the two has created something that only something a vested fan would love. In the context of the album, this track may well fare better, but if it all follows this path then I don’t see it being what one would call easy listening.