It’s a lifelong commitment; it’s a needle piercing your skin with ink to mark you for the rest of your days.

When it came to choosing a tattoo, for myself, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted on my,body but either lyrics or some sort of dedication to my favourite man, Bob Dylan. I settled with his signature, written across the crease of my arm. It’s been exactly a year to the day since I sat in the tattooist, on a lunch break from work, and had Dylan’s sign etched into my skin. And I still don’t regret it, not at all.


It pushed me further on, to get my Oasis tattoo, a still of some of the lyrics to ‘Falling Down’.


I still can’t think of anything else I would get tattooed me other than a homage to some of the great artists that have given me inspiration, taught me, got me through some of my hardest trials. And it’s not only me who feels this way.

The conversation came about with a good friend of mine, we discussed shit tattoos mainly, ones that people get because they’re in fashion i.e anchors (you shouldn’t get one unless you’re a sailor), dream catchers, stags, swallows etc… and from that conversation I began research. I asked people on forums, and friends, why they got their music tats and to show how it’s become a universal agreement, I have quotes from three separate countries.


“I got this tattoo of Jimmy McCulloch’s signature because I felt that it was a unique and creative way to honour his memory and impact that he has had on my life. I am probably the only person in the world who has this signature tattoo as well which is nice!”

Paul Salley, St Louis, America.


“Inspired by the Union Jack from Iron Maiden’s Trooper artwork, I wanted a tattoo that represented more than just one aspect of my life. As well as the Iron Maiden connection and everything that means including the subject matter of the Trooper song, the Union Jack is about being proud to be British as well as the colours red, white and blue representing significant groups of 3 in my life including family and friends. As another song once said “Red, white and blue What does it mean to you?” – lots actually. On top of all that, the tattoo artist is someone I’m lucky to call a friend.”

Steve Henwood, North Yorkshire, England.


“Well, firstly, I love The Who (since my school days) , so for about 30 years. And secondly, I love tattoos and I have them so I can show my faithful love about my favourite music”

Andreas Rapberger, Oberosterreich, Austria.

Please share with us your music themed tattoos and tell us the story behind it!