True Blood – I Found You (Episode Review)

So the second episode of the final series opened with a very steamy scene that made me believe that Eric was finally back. But alas, that was short lived when I realised that Jason was just having one of those dreams again. I think there may have been a purpose to this, it seemed as though there was some reason that the audience needs to be reminded that Jason is linked to Eric through his blood.

The episode wasn’t filled with as much action as the opener but I do think it was vital to get up to date with everyone and what is happening to get the story progressing a bit more. In the basement of Fangtasia you finally felt that Holly and Arlene may be in with a shot of escaping when they recognise one of the Hep V vampires, only for that option to go completely wrong when the vampire overdoses on Arlene’s blood. You do feel really sorry for them and can see the pain in their face when they realise that they probably don’t have any hope now. In the back of my mind though, I am thinking that the Hep V vamp isn’t going to be alive to wake up the over vampire’s when she should, so maybe all hope is not lost.

While Alcide, Sookie, Jason, Sam and Andy are checking out another town quite close that was overrun with Hep V Vampires the rest of Bon Temps decide to rebel against them and arm themselves with guns. This sees a highlight for me this week as it causes Adilyn to use her magical fairy powers to save herself. With it being revealed to the town that Sam changed into a dog and Adilyn shooting her magic light, I am really starting to like the fact that everyone is realising that there inst just vampires out there in the world.

It’s also good to see Jessica showing her nice side again when she starts doing all that she can to try and save Adilyn after she senses that she has been taken by the townsfolk of Bon Temps, it also signifies maybe a small part of forgiveness on Andy’s part.

I think it was quite nice to have a break from the ‘norm’ with not a lot of action from the main vampires (primarily because for a change, the episode was day time until the end), but because of this, it did feel that the best bits were at the end. Naturally, this is to make you want to watch the next episode and find out more, which I really do. I want to know if Andy is going to get to Adilyn in time to save her, I also want to know if Tara’s mum is now a fully fledged drug addict on the ‘V’.

I am also imagining all the predictable and crazy stuff that is now bound to happen as Sookie has asked Bill for help (I also suspect that by her flashbacks she is going to be in love with him soon), but the thing that I am looking forward to the most, is the inevitable showdown that is about to happen with Eric and Pam. Any scene with those two is always fiery and always enjoyable. So here’s to the next episode with hopefully a bit more action to report on.