The Who have been turned 50 years old this year, and in celebration of this milestone Daltrey and Townshend have announced their fiftieth anniversary tour.

So what’s in store for Who fans? We have no idea yet, but after Daltrey announced it to be the bands ‘long goodbye’, fans have begun speculating not only a big tour for their big 50th birthday, but for their farewell, and maybe their final tour.

As a Who fan, myself, there’s nothing more exciting than a Who tour, more so a Who tour that will be celebrating all of the music they’ve released over the past half a century. After much thinking myself, I wondered what songs the band would pick to play. Now this is going to be one stressful setlist for the two remaining members to conjure up, unlike their last tour which was just a simple run through of Quadrophenia with some hits added on the end. It was a fantastic show, for anyone who managed to catch it, and the songs that everyone knew sent the arenas wild. So, I expect two hours of none stop frenzies… Come on, it is a big celebration after all, right?

I decided to give the two ageing rockers a kick start to their setlist plans by asking fans the songs they would love to hear, and here are some the responses…

“It still annoys me that since 2002, no John Entwistle songs have been played. So how about a John medley? ‘Boris’, ‘My Wife’, ‘Trick of The Light’, ‘Whiskey Man’ and ‘905’, which is a song I’d have LOVED to see the Who play live”
Mike Selk

“I second My Wife. Trick of the Light would be a nice surprise too. Amazing Journey/Sparks, maybe some early hits like Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Mike Jewett

“’My Wife’ without John? No way!  I would pick ‘Join Together’ or ‘Pure & Easy’.
Tom Offermans

“Amazing journey would be great!”
Sue Nutall

Put the money down, and my all-time favourite Who song Disguises
Ewan Lee Trehearne

“’The Rock’. I saw Scott [Devours] doing that at the sound check in Cardiff in an empty hall, it was bloody amazing!”
Mark Birdseye

“As many as they can do before they collapse
Paul Lancaster

“’Put the Money Down’ because it’s such a powerful song for Roger to sing, it’s never been played live and the song would fit great in any Who set
Tom Hand

“Bargain’, because it’s my wedding song”
Kim McGrath Heil

“’Sad ’bout us” would be nice, only saw the Who do it once at The Starlight Wembley. It was their opening number.”
Peter Wright

“’Zoot suit’, the Who’s 1st single would be a good one. From back when they were the high numbers”
Chris Thompson

“The entire Who’s Next album… in order.
Mario John

“I’d have two… ‘Punk Meets the Godfather’ – I especially love Pete’s “I have to be careful not to preach” break. And then ‘Song is Over’ would be the other, although that seems unlikely. So my other pick would actually be ‘Bargain’, which has morphed into an electrifying live song.”
Darren Macdonald

Pete, Roger, this list is for you… We want the best setlist you have to offer. Eminence Front, Substitute, Baba O’ Riley, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Behind Blue Eyes – we want the hits along with those songs you believe to be unknown but are actually loved and adored for by Who fans.

Give us a show that show the world who the Who are, and why we’re celebrating the greatest live band to hit the big 5 0.

We want you to be so loud, we want you to make that audience so loud that Moonie and the Ox look from wherever they are and smile.