It’s hard to believe that it has been almost eight years since the breakthrough hit of ‘Sheila’ propelled Jamie T into the limelight. With a sound unlike many other within his genre, Jamie Treays became a central figure within the music scene during the period; later releasing ‘Sticks and Stones’ to critical acclaim and affection from his fans. His signature sound and style allowed Jamie to create a persona and image for himself that was likened to being a ‘one man Arctic Monkeys’, a clear reflection of the presence the artist was obtaining in the music scene. Jamie was also named as the Best Solo Artist at the 2007 and 2010 NME Awards, showcasing his talent and rise in reputation during the preceding years.

After a quiet last few years, fans of Jamie T were eager to hear any news or sign of the artist returning to the scene. Six years on from ‘Sticks and Stones’, Jamie T announced dates for a small, brief tour that has sent fans into raptures, clambering to buy a ticket to the unexpected set of shows. With many of the dates selling out in only a couple of minutes, the return of Jamie T has seen a huge rise in anticipation and excitement for the long awaited third studio album.


Jamie T has also released the first single from the upcoming album, titled ‘Don’t You Find’. The style of the song differs wildly from the previous work of the artist, and has been met with divided opinion from his legions of fans. Personally, I think that the new style shows an evolution in the music that Jamie T has encompassed. The evolution and development of an artist is key to their longevity and in this case, the decision to release one of the slower singles as the first from the new album should turn out to be an effective marketing and artist decision.

Some fans have criticised the change in character and tone from Jamie’s previous efforts but in my opinion the softer, more universally approachable sound that ‘Don’t you find’ showcases is much more successful in the modern era; Jamie clearly adapting his sound to suit newer styles while surfacing his unique approach to music.

Check out the single ‘Don’t you find’ here: