The seaside town of Southsea is no stranger to music, culture and the arts. Sitting in the bohemian core of Portsmouth, nestling on the south coast in amongst a throng of record shops, indie pubs, boutiques and music venues lurks an atmosphere of artistic expression; so, what better place than this to hold a festival?

While Portsmouth is already host to Victorious Festival, which takes place on Southsea seafront, it’s the lesser known Southsea Fest (taking place annually in September) that deserves your attention. Tantamount to a pub crawl combined with a glorious one day festival, Southsea Fest is an independent music festival that you’ll find on Portsmouth’s iconic Albert Road, occurring behind the doors of several of Pompey’s greatest pubs and venues.

While the festival includes a variety of artists of varied sound and reception, the mantra of Southsea Fest is to “focus is on new bands and creating a level playing field for emerging talent”. Along the way, you’ll be welcomed in to many a pub, club and even Southsea’s Kings Theatre in order to enjoy a day filled with good, honest music and a street filled with charm and rustic individuality.

In the past, the festival has invited big names and emerging artists to perform on the same old street in Southsea, and this year – eight years since its invention – it boasts acts such as Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile Up, Honeyblood and many, many more.

Beginning at midday on Saturday 20 September, the 8th annual Southsea Fest will take place across 13 venues on the city’s beloved Albert Road, showcasing over 100 bands throughout the day.

Tickets are priced at £18 for adult general admission and £10 for teens. Under 13s are free, however some venues may be subject to age restrictions, so do check beforehand.

By Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a VH Music Writer (formerly Music Editor), live events marketing bod and an advocate for the physical format. When she's not lovingly writing for the music section at Vulture Hound, she will most likely be found shouting at her disobedient cat or going to gigs in and around the Midlands.