Reel Big Fish (Live Review)

No matter the venue RBF smash it every time. They bring the fun, the funk, the punk and the party.

They’re truly a band you could watch every night and never get bored and lucky you if you did want to, because they literally do play almost every night of the week! They must be the hardest working band ever and yet they still exude that eternal optimism and carefree attitude that we all love about them.

Straight from playing to 50,000+ at Sonisphere, RBF have no qualms in playing the Nottingham Rescue Rooms with a 450 capacity, saying they like to “mix it up, it keeps things interesting”. Back in Nottingham after only five months, having played the larger Rock City with Less Than Jake and Zebrahead in February, The Fish return to Nottingham at the more intimate venue ready to get cosy with the smaller crowd that was packed to the rafters.


You’d think going to a smaller venue would be a more relaxing gig experience, less people equals less gig stress, right? Wrong! In the hottest little room in the world, the crowd were crazy, dancing, jumping and singing along, the energy in the room was ecstatic. Picking fan favourite after favourite, you come to realise how many awesome songs these guys have, every song is an immediate classic, the set list included Sell Out, Beer, She Has a Girlfriend Now, The Bad Guy and the song that started the night off with an explosion Everyone Else is an Asshole.

As The Fish are the band that’s always blasting in my personal ear-holes, I could go on about how extraordinary they are all day long, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Reel Big Fishrocked the Rescue Rooms as they rock every gig, if you’re a rock fan, a pop fan or a ska fan, everybody has a little love for RBF.

Check them out now! And keep calm and carry on, but a Christmas Album may be on it’s way…