It’s a hateful, often over or misused phrase but Heart on Fire by Indiana is of the zeitgiest.  A cool, well produced slice of modern indie-pop which has a touch of dance and fronted by a silky but also quirky voiced female singer.

The music video is super modern; with a young, slim female singer complete with tatoo’s and fashionable haircuts hanging out with biker / hipster types as they drive their motorbikes around like something from a more sedate version of Sons of Anarchy.

The video works in conjunction with the song just fine but doesnt really let you see the song in a new right, nor does it really stand out in a crowd of well produced, slick videos.  Indiana, stage name of the Nottingham born singer, has created a decent, catchy but somewhat middle of the road pop song here.  The trendiness of it and how perfeclty it all falls into place robs it of any sense of individuality.

You could say that she sounds like Ellie Goulding, Jessie Ware or Little Boots but really she doesnt have much to differentiate herself in this video anyway from the chasing pack.  The idea of taking the crown from the likes of Lana del Ray or Florence is, at the moment, fanciful.

Of course it’s of its time which means it will likely be a popular little tune.  Solo dancing was a sleeper hit and this song has a decent beat so it’ll do okay.  But I sincerely doubt anyone will remember in a few years