New Video: Bentcousin – Dizzy

Whatever your opinions on Britain’s archetypal fun-and-frolics attitude to seaside towns, something is for sure; Bentcousin twins Patrick and Amelia love their home town of Brighton. Their debut single, Dizzy, released July 1st is an upbeat and raucous hip-hip-hooray and a 99 Flake to their beloved coastal homestead; recruiting the likes of legendary The Clash and Public Image Ltd guitarist Keith Levene to provide the smooth, California-esque surf-rock jams that accompany the twins’ accent driven vocals.

The single as a whole meanders along pleasantly in a rather fitting ‘lazy day at the beach’ manner, and despite its sunny disposition in terms of the lyrical content and the subject matter, it has a tinge of the melancholy about it which makes for a certainly interesting listen. That is until the rap drops and the whole dynamic of the song shifts; without a change in the back-line a pent up grime flow flies out from left field with fantastic precision and technique which really takes you by surprise. Most would assume that a rap verse, especially a grime one,  would go down as well as a fart in a sauna on a track such as this, but somehow it works and it works bloody well. Overall, Dizzy is a damn fine summer time jam, one to be certainly blasting through your boom-box that you got for a tenner somewhere in the Brighton Lanes, sipping a cold craft beer on a deserted beach with only your best pals.