Mr. Sloane: Episode Six (Episode Review)

Full spoilers for the series finale below

This episode of Mr. Sloane is even less comic than the last one. There is a certain humour to it, but it is a nervous humour. Weak attempts at diffusing the awkward tension that covers the end of his tale like a thick fog. They only serve to make you feel his frustration more.

You may feel that the series has become too maudlin. That the swerve into this remorseful tone was too severe. I still stick by the fact that as long as a series is good enough, then the storyteller can justify depriving the viewer of their most certain expectations. It may be jarring, but it speaks to Robert B. Weide’s dedication to the authenticity of the characters and their situation.

There is no relationship Sloane holds dear (bar one) that survives the end of the series. There are those you can see coming, and there are those you cannot. It isn’t so much predictable as premonition. Like the moment the cat runs out in front of the car. A terrible thing will happen and we are powerless to stop it. All we can do is watch behind the gaps in our fingers.

That’s how I watched most of the episode. It took me an hour and a half to see all twenty-five minutes. I kept pausing the TV unable to bear witness to the systematic destruction of all Sloane has ever held dear. Even our faith in him is shaken after his anger at being abandoned by Robin shows a bleaker, more cynical side to him. It’s a dark ending, where the only hope comes from the faith that Robin has had in him. The faith that he could cut off the chains of his surroundings, and be free to become a far better human being. Here’s hoping Sloaney. Here’s hoping.