Lindsey Stirling (European Tour Preview)

Lindsey Stirling is a contemporary violinist who drops dubstep beats over her string melodies. Recently, she gave us a taste of her European tour that starts on the 30th of September in Moscow. The tour will be promoting her album released in April of this year called Shatter Me.

Stirling isn’t an artist who keeps herself bottled up. What we saw on that stage was an exercise in pure self-expression. She rose to fame with covers of songs and remixes of game soundtracks, but tonight it was all Lindsey. It felt like a rebellious move. A deliberate smashing of the stereotype she feels cornered into. Shatter Me indeed.

Her dancing made her seem like a bird fluttering desperately to get out of the cage. The stage is a lot smaller than Lindsey is used to. Every move and kick tested the boundaries of her confinement and  was reminiscent of someone banging on the bars of their prison cell. Even the introductions she gave to the songs were emotional. She puts her heart on her sleeve as she tells us their origins.

The song writing displays her growth as an artist. The increased complexity of the music, and the drama created by manipulating mood and tempo, produces an album that doesn’t feel so much like an expression of pain, but a release from it. Saying goodbye to negativity and beginning anew, like cleansing oneself with fire.

Linsey Striling will be at The Forum in Camden on the 6th of November, Manchester O2 Academy on the 7th, and on the 8th she’ll be in Ireland’s Vicar Street.