After nearly a decade in pre-production Don Cheadle’s cherished bio of Jazz great Miles Davis begins shooting this week.

Cheadle co-writes and stars as the man himself in ‘Miles Away’, a film part funded through crowd funding site IndieGoGo. The story will focus on two periods in Davis’ life. 1979; at the end of his reputed “quiet period” when he didn’t record or perform and during his ten year relationship with Francis Taylor Davis his muse. The film has the blessing of Davis’ family who tapped Cheadle for the role before even mentioning his desire to play the great.

Cheadle has learnt to play the trumpet and everything for the roll but apparently the majority of the soundtrack will be made up of Davis’ recordings. Herbie Hancock is “godfather” of the films soundtrack and Ewan McGregor will co-star. Details are still emerging in the early stages of production but let’s all marvel at that photo of Cheadle as Davis for a while. It looks pretty awesome.