The Rise Of The Kimono

Summer fashion has become a label to describe an assortment of clothing all featuring floral, pastel and bright colours; therefore it is no wonder that the Kimono has fitted seamlessly into this summer style.

Traditionally a Japanese garment, the Kimono, which translates as “thing to wear”, has been making waves in the fashion scene as of late.

Taking inspiration from the customary Japanese robes, this recent trend draws on the key features of the Kimono. Features, such as the T-shaped cut and straight lined edges are the traditional design, however today the Kimono can be both short and long in length.

The modern day kimono leans on some of theses traditional patterns and designs. For example the patterns are most commonly floral using light pastel colours, but also gives it a modern edge by the use of fringing to create a chilled boho chic look.

It is no wonder that the kimono is so popular this summer; its effortless feel can give any outfit a chic sophisticated edge, with no effort at all, but maybe perhaps give you a lighter purse. Perfect for summer, especially British summer, the kimono is the ideal cover up for those summer nights.

This trend for spring/summer 2014 incorporates bold floral prints and long flowing open sleeve styles to add just a little something to any outfit.

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