The Pictish Trail – Wait Until (Video Review)

The video for Wait Until shows Johnny Lynch AKA The Pictish Trail, in a hall with a glum look on his face as ten or so girls dance around him in slow-motion. Lynch just stands there wearing the most unhip clothes imaginable as looks miserably at the camera and sings. The occasional dance moves he performs, arms hanging loosely at his sides, only add to his desperation.

Wait Until was the first song Lynch, or The Pictish Trail, wrote after the death of his mother, and while at first the electronic pulses throughout seem to contradict the song’s melancholic theme, it works well with the video in showing that a grieving Lynch doesn’t fit in with all the happy people around him.

In his single Wait Until, The Pictish Trail sings directly to the mother he grieves: “You wait until I arrive to tell me you’re going away/to tell me you’re so sorry.” He shows the often subtle emotions of grief with a song and music video that complement each other perfectly, but most importantly, in Wait Until, The Pictish Trail is completely sincere.

Wait Until is released 9th June, as well as The Pictish Trail’s album Secret Soundz Volumes 1 & 2.