The Mojo Fins – Circa (Album Review)

Despite there being a general focus on a calm yet intriguing tone, a range of music styles appear throughout the album Circa, proving that The Mojo Fins have shown great diversity within just 10 tracks. This is the Brighton band’s third album, recorded at Rockfield Studios and produced by Dave Eringa.

The band released their first demo in 2003, and after years of hard work earning their popularity they are continuing to produce great music and tour around the country. It is clear that the band members are serious about their music, and this is such a wonderful thing to see, as so many music artists can go off on a tangent and ruin their career early on.

By far one of the catchiest songs on the album is Introverts, a song about the power of being introverted as opposed to being an extrovert, and the problems that occur due to this. The lyrics are very clever and you will undoubtedly be singing along after a while. Besides this, Exhale is also a great listen, with lovely melodies and a tune to tap along to as you listen.

It is clear that the band wanted to get their thoughts and feelings across in this album through sentimental lyrics, but refrain from becoming too gloomy by entertaining the listener with an upbeat sound, resulting in a great balance between the two.

Although Longwave Reach, the first song on the album, is about the death of a band member, who is spoken about kindly throughout, the tone presents it to be something much more than that – not only sharing the memories between them but also celebrating their life with the music in the background sounding cheerful, ranging from piano to drums and even guitars.

Overall, I believe that this album will undoubtedly be very successful, and should hopefully attract a wide audience due to it’s diverse sound.