The Away Days - Your Colour (Single Review)

One of the great things about the age of the internet it’s easier for people to be exposed to music they otherwise would probably be completely unaware of. That’s exactly what Istanbul quintet ‘The Away Days’ are able to take advantage of. Now the world can be gently and easily reminded that there’s more to Turkey than just a ridiculously hot holiday destination.

‘Your Colour’ has an air of familiarity about it, like it has been used on an advert. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s not as if songs that have been used to advertise something have never been commercially successful. It’s a soothing mix of simple drums and melodic guitar that would accompany a sunny afternoon lounging in the garden (or an arty montage of reasons to buy a new smartphone). After all, when it’s hot and you’re listening to music, the fact that the words are very difficult to understand doesn’t seem to matter.

That’s not an exaggeration, the lyrics are so echoey they sound more like humming than singing. At least this saves the band from any criticism about lyrical content and brings focus to the actual music.

It’s nice when a song feels like it’s been written to accompany situations.Aside from feeling like it has been featured in the promotion for a new piece of technology, there are other situations this song is appropriate for: Having a barbecue and need some background music? Put this on. Going for a walk? Put this on. Decided it’s time for a gentle bike ride? Put this on. It’s clearly what the girl in the video thought. She gets up from a bench and walks off with a bicycle. That’s it. That’s the video.

A soundscape such as this is inoffensive to everyone. Some will find this to be exactly the kind of music they’re looking for but it’s hard to imagine anyone will have any strong negative opinion; it’s too safe for that.

Your Colour will be released 9th June