Lets start off with a big old base of classic Stereophonics, slowed down a couple of BPM to bordering on leisurely pace, throw in a liberal helping of more contemporary Biffy Clyro with their jagged mathy post-rock sensibilities and finally an all important sprinkling of American Football’s down-tempo melodic emo and you have yourself a fine bake of the zesty lemon drizzle cake that is Samoans and their new single, I Am Your Density’.

The up and coming Welsh math-rockers have been rapidly gaining a considerable fanbase on the other side of the Severn and are due to release their debut album, Rescue, on Apres Vous Records on the 14th of July and by the looks of things it’s going to be an absolute doozy! The chaps have certainly toned down on the intricate riff filled aspects of past endeavours with this particular record, opting for their songs to be driven by a slowly building sound-scape with some definite shoegaze vibes and an overall much less rowdy approach to songwriting.

This is quite the dynamic shift from earlier projects, such as the grunginess and harsh vocals of Catamaran, but in the two years since then Samoans have undoubtedly refined and formed their style to a much more mature beast altogether. With undoubted, chameleon-like musicianship they have managed to meander their way into the softer annals of alternative rock, with their more recent tunes packing a vastly different, but by no means less effective, punch.

The two singles, I Am Your Density’ especially, are relatively slow burners. The songs build and build adding much more varied and nuanced layers to satisfying crescendos and plateaus rather than a much more balls to the wall approach that typifies the genre that they seem to have left behind. This will, hopefully, contribute to an eclectic dynamic on Rescue because although these songs on their own have their clear merits, a whole album of the same would start to wear thin rather quickly, but the approach that these guys take to their songwriting leads me to believe that they won’t be satisfied with anything less than different with every track, and that is what will make Rescue an incredible album.