Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down (Single Reivew)

As part of Pepsi’s new Beats of the Beautiful Game album, a remix of Rita Ora’s single I Will Never Let You Down transforms the artist’s latest pop release into a mildly different entity. While the original track boasts nothing particularly enthralling, its remixed sibling would have to introduce an array of originality and creativity in order to make the effort worthwhile.

A typical electronic beat starts off the single with some echoes of the original track fading in and out before Rita Ora’s vocals first appear. Said vocals have become more isolated in this remix, which actually gives it more of an atmosphere with little more than a gentle beat appearing in the background.

However, the track continues in pretty much the same way for another two minutes or so. Very little variation means that this remix becomes tedious pretty quickly, which is a shame considering with a little more experimenting it could have evolved into quite the techno treat.

On a positive note, the track is marginally better in its remixed state. Unfortunately, it never quite peaks and remains in an elevated state of mediocrity until the very end; it feels very much like a rushed, half arsed attempt.

Pepsi’s Beats of the Beautiful Game album is available worldwide on June 9th.

By Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a VH Music Writer (formerly Music Editor), live events marketing bod and an advocate for the physical format. When she's not lovingly writing for the music section at Vulture Hound, she will most likely be found shouting at her disobedient cat or going to gigs in and around the Midlands.