One To Watch: Maxine Ashley

Slick, stylish and moody: Maxine Ashley has has already gotten some big fans.  Now she’s backed by hip hop upstart Pharrel and has already signed to a major label.  Her first EP is produced by Pharrel and she’s likely to make a major splash.

Her music is a slick, jazzy and slightly sleazy sounding R+B, with a moody sound and soulful vocals.  The beat is packed around the smokey lyrics which the deep and sensual vocals can’t do too much to disguise their insubstantial nature.

Maxine’s look appears to be the principal selling point.  Standing on the cusp of punky alternative and super stylish diva, Maxine hails from the Bronx and she imbues a certain amount of the characteristic toughness of that borough of New York.

Her YouTube channel has apparently attracted over nine million views which is partially what lead a star like Pharrel to sign her up and set her on her course towards stardom.  She comes across as a slightly rougher around the edges verison of Lana Del Ray but lacks her fellow New Yorker’s style and 50’s inspired singing style.

Make no mistake, Maxine’s gonna make it.  There’s a combination of raw, untapped talent, sex appeal and toughness here that will see her carve out, as a minimum, a decent little pop career.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say we’re looking at a future Rhianna here but small stones cast large wakes these days.

You saw it here first.  Mark my words, you’re probably gonna see a lot more of her too.

You can download ‘Mood Swings’ free from