Laura Welsh is the newest hot property in the world of British contemporary pop-music. After her breakout collaboration on Gorgon City’s ‘Here For You’ the Staffordshire born vocalist has announced her latest in a slew of singles to be released on the 11th August in the form of the darkly anthemic Break The Fall. After working with an ever-growing talent roster of producers and artists, recently involving fellow breakout act John Legend, Laura Welsh prides herself on her incredibly personal approach to songwriting and promises to provide something a little bit different for fans of an incredibly oversaturated genre.

With tight, bouncy rhythms and the twisting synth patterns, the production on this tune is impeccable as is expected of the genre, but the tastefulness in the way it is arranged is what sets it apart from the majority of modern pop vocalists. The lack of ridiculous focus on big bass-lines and obnoxious four note hooks makes the experience so much more enjoyable than the average new ‘pop sensation. Laura’s bright voice of course takes centre stage, with a Florence and the Machine tinge to her style, it is complemented masterfully by the back-line, cutting through the mix perfectly as it transitions from floaty, whispery verses to explosive and unremittingly memorable choruses it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this song.


The idea of a post-modern pop singer is something that the world will be needing in the coming years. A return to the age where pop music wasn’t a dirty word that just encompassed cheesiness, repetitiveness and overall scorn from the majority of the musical world. There are many that are starting to follow this trend and Laura Welsh is yet another powerful force in this arsenal and the eventual album could mark something new and exciting, let’s just hope the industry doesn’t get to her.