New Video: Wild Smiles – Fool For You

Wild Smiles have released their eagerly anticipated video for their superb single ‘Fool For You’, as well as releasing an acoustic version, which flatters the outlandish song to even greater heights.

In this personally made video, Wild Smiles have managed to capture their dynamic personality onto the screen. ‘Fool For You’ is a brilliant single that entwines the likes of the Beatles, the Lemonheads, and the Beach Boys into one outstanding tune. A force to be reckoned with, Wild Smiles have come out with a summer tune that has that kick-in-your-balls feel to it.

Mixing up a mixture of older bands, Wild Smiles have managed to create their own sound, these guys have created a non-stop tune, one to be listened to wherever you may go.

Wild Smiles have got it, and ‘Fool For You’ is a brilliant example of their fantastic work.

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