New Video: Ravioli Me Away – Cat Call

In shrill and angry tones, the lyric ‘why do you cat call when a woman walks by?’ protrudes through the speakers as I listen to the latest Ravioli Me Away single ‘Cat Call’. They’re making a statement, and it’s a statement that has emerged in the midst of a new wave of feminism that’s grabbed the world by its balls and demanded that it pay attention. In this sense, ‘Cat Call’ is already a relevant and contemporary punk success from the London trio, regardless of its reach.

The grunge and angst fuelled track is an amalgamation of angry observations portrayed through harrowing vocals and accompanying spoken word pieces that vent the frustrations of women as a collective in today’s society. Howling instruments personify this very real struggle that Ravioli Me Away are attempting to voice.

Asking the questions that society has yet to answer, Ravioli Me Away are unafraid to take a stand for what’s right in a blunt and mildly sarcastic way. It’s a powerful, screaming salute to this recent empowering movement and their track ‘Cat Call’ is certainly one they can play with pride in an age where womankind is still fighting for their right to equality.

Ravioli Me Away release their debut LP on August 18, through Good Job Records.