New Video: JAWS – Be Slowly

The latest from Birmingham Dream pop band is the video for their latest single, ‘Be Slowly’ due for release on 7th July.  The video features the four-piece performing in a dull-lit warehouse and has a dream like atmosphere to it due to the retro filter and edits that reflect the nostalgic emotion that is prevalent in the track.

JAWS have once again been able to create a truly infectious piece that beckons for the listener to instantly hit replay once the track is over; it is undeniably infectious.  This I believe is down to the bands ability to create strong catchy guitar riffs and melodies throughout the song whilst not neglecting the distinct dreamy sound that the band have quickly developed in their previous releases.

‘Be slowly’ is therefore a track that will surely please not only new fans but also existing ones.

The single is part of their anticipated debut album of eight tracks with the same name and will be released on 15th September as a follow up to their Milkshake EP and their single ‘Gold’. This single is just a small taste of the bands successful potential.

JAWS definitely have come far and are certainly propelling themselves towards big things in the future with their appearances at festivals across the course of the summer and their biggest UK headline tour scheduled in September to coincide with the release of their album.

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