With a great music video to match its upbeat style, ‘22’, one of the brilliant songs from Deaf Havana’s album Old Souls, is definitely set to hit the charts when it’s released on June 29th. The four track EP also features their brand new songs Drive All Night (English Hearts) and Whiskey, as well as an acoustic version of Kings Road Ghosts.

Despite the lyrics being slightly gloomy at times, 22 manages to capture an enticing, upbeat atmosphere throughout the track, cleverly implying a feeling of mixed emotions, as James Veck-Gilodi, the front man of the band, confirms to be true. Surprisingly, this works very well, making this a great piece to listen, sing and dance to, capturing the moment perfectly, as done so in the video.

Although this is evidently a great song, with fantastic vocals to match the optimistic beat, it isn’t something that I would be urged to play on repeat, but would happily listen to once over on the radio.