New Music: White Reaper

As Indie bands go, they seem to be taking over music with their mix of endless possibility and musical genres. Indie-Garage-Punk band White Reaper have done just that. Sprung from the Kentucky depths of Louisville, the ambient trio have brought back the raw and free-spirited tones back to classic guitar bands you used to hear back in the day. Formed by  Tony Esposito (vocals/guitar), and twins Nick (drums) and Sam Wilkerson (bass), they’re mixing new with old, to create something rhythmically beautiful.

Having played all around US in small local gigs, word is spreading of their sounds of their sweat-dripping live shows. Their debut self-titled 6 song EP comes heads out on the 24th of June, by Polyvinyl Records, below are some of the tracks featured.

Conspirator just seems to unleash the excitement in your inner 90’s grungy teenager, whereas Cool makes you want to lie and imagine you’re starring in some indie flick and it’s soundtracking your life.

The boys are just getting started, and I’d like to see them mesh with the British crowd.