New Music: The High Wire – Angelspeech

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘shoe-gazing’, take a few minutes to educate yourself on a scene-shaping genre that has been practiced in many forms by bands including My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and The Verve. Originating from the 80’s, the woozy sound still remains. London based three piece The High Wire are part of the shoe-gazing renaissance, and they’re pretty good.

Their new track ‘Angelspeech’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘Found In Honey’ is an enchanting dream pop taster. The High Wire are British aren’t they? On the first listen to Alexia Hagen’s spiritual vocals, you will be asking yourself the same question about the London based band. The American boy-girl harmonies sit suitably amongst the whining guitar and pedal kick drums. An array of electronic twinkles give the track a poppier personality which works well as a component. This track is summer listening personified, and it is about as lazy as a hippo in a mud bath.

With acclaim from Chris Martin of Coldplay, of whom they have supported, the trio are certainly not short of talent. Angelspeech is a solid sample of further sweetness that I’m sure will be found in honey.