New Music: PARAKEET – Pink Noise

I don’t know about you – but for me, this time of year represents of a constant search for the perfect tracks to add to my summer playlist. The combination of sun, sea and sand are always pleasing, but are never quite right unless you’ve got the perfect combination of tracks to accompany the warm weather and salty breeze. My criteria is as follows: Upbeat music is a must, melodic guitars are preferable and killer vocals are essential. ‘Pink Noise’ by PARAKEET fulfils and exceeds all of these criteria. Vice’s description of their sound as ‘melodic grunge’ is more than apt. The grungy sound is met with a dreamlike quality which makes the track a must-buy for any fans of The Horror’s third album – ‘Skying’.

Formed in 2011, PARAKEET is the collaboration between Yuck’s Mariko Doi and The History Of Apple Pie drummer James Llewellyn Thomas. Taking these origins into account, it should come as no surprise that their collaboration should result in such a great track. PARAKEET’s Pink Noise EP comes out on the 26th of June. You can listen to the title track here: