Alt-rocker Natalie McCool looks set to be one of the next big artists to emerge from the heart of British music. A Liverpudlian through and through, McCool lives and breathes music, and it’s evident in her latest single Wind Blows Harder that she’s in this for the long haul.

Natalie McCool has effortless soul and a voice that echoes other female powerhouses of her ilk like Florence Welch or KT Tunstall. Wind Blows Harder weaves an intricate tapestry of melodic harmonies and punchy guitar to create an incredibly sultry sound that floods the mind.

McCool’s musical talent has flourished in the relatively small number of years in which she has been practicing the art. Being surrounded by an array of the most acclaimed artists during her years studying music couldn’t have hurt her chances of developing into the rounded and gifted young artist she is today. Wind Blows Harder has enough originality to see it makes a splash in all the right places, yet remains thoroughly accessible to the masses.

Wind Blows Harder will be released on June 16 via Young & Lost Club and a single launch will take place on June 11 at Birthdays, London.