New Music: Lust For Youth – Epoetin Alfa

Give it up for the Copenhagen trio Lust for Youth. Front man Hannes Norrvide, a previously solo artist under the same title, has spread his wings to encompass Loke Rahbek and Malthe Fischer. The artistic multiplication has resulted in acoustic buoyancy for the newfound band. Their single Epoetin Alfa from the new album International, released on June 9th via Sacred Bones Records, gives a salute to the Pet Shop Boys, unintended, perhaps but notable nonetheless.

The pertinence of the uniquely named tracked may escape those without sufficient medical knowledge for epoetin alfa is, in fact, a drug. A drug used to treat anaemia; a deficiency in red blood cells. An ambiguous song title ripped wide open for interpretation but I’ll leave that up to you. Its exact relevance aside, a fix is certainly provided. The single lifts you up and places you upon a bed of synth sent adrift to the 80’s. The summery haze it conjures I find quintessential befitting of a road trip. A love affair with synthesizers is clearly apparent producing a surreal ambience.  The haunting vocals cast a shadow over the melodic tune as the recurrent lyric ‘This time you crossed the line’ intersperses making the deeper sentiment apparent. A clear consciousness is evident in the song as the acoustic and vocal layering seep into each other to the point it almost engulfs you with it.

Citing Depeche Mode and New Order as influences, the band’s sound is hard to pin down and it is one which has certainly evolved since their previous albums. Whilst still side-stepping contemporary pop, their electro infused music still has wide appeal. The band is set to play the Shackwell Arms in London on July 2nd amongst a string of other EU dates.