Gruff Rhys has embarked on many musical journeys in his career. His latest addition, fourth studio album ‘American Interior’ portrays a multi-format project that is brought to life through what Rhys does best, which is making music. One of the released tracks from the album ‘Liberty (Is Where We’ll Be)’ stands out as a solid selection.

The track has a melodic and dreamy aura surrounding it, which is perfect for a lazy afternoon, though it would still sit comfortably in an alternative rock playlist. As you get tangled up in the gritty guitar that enters over the ambiance of what sounds like a mixture between a violin and harp, Rhys’ subtle vocals mold into the track as it disperses almost like a never-ending journey. As it breaks into the most emphatic part of the track, there are similarities to sounds of the Super Furry Animals, almost like a wave of reminiscence for the Furry fans.

As a track that is part of an ambitious album project, it certainly delivers in telling part of the story that can only be discovered throughout the whole release. ┬áRhys has set himself a solid challenge, but has already proven why he is one of the greatest songwriters. Many artists toy with the idea of producing albums to serve as a collective package or story, but fail to deliver. As one of the most anticipated releases of the year, lets hope Rhys gives us a story that we’ll never forget.