New Music: Dagny – I Say

Zooey Deschannel has always been someone worth admiring.  Her singing, her acting and her style have helped to pave the way for it to be cool to be quirky. The mainstream appeal of her good looks coupled with her winsome personality have helped to broaden the appeal of the indie actress.

Hoping to harness the same appeal is new Norwegian singer Dagny whose début single “I Say” presents her as a quirky, fashionable but far from mainstream presence.  She’s a very pretty girl and whilst that in itself is no guarantee of a pop career, it will cut a few corners.

The music itself is a solid pop effort.  I’ve often been an apologist or devils advocate for pop music and this is a perfectly acceptable pop song, a catchy beat, gentle fun guitar and friendly, carefree lyrics mean this song will never spoil anyone’s day.

The lyrics are all about being carefree, having fun and trying not to be old before your time.  It’s a bit of a throwback to the carefree times before when people just wanted to live in the moment and have fun.

Dagny can sing, that’s for sure.  She’s got a clean, rich voice which is good for pop music.  There’s a vague European twang to the words but her accent is just fine.  Her voice has a decent range in this song and threes a likeable, coy girl power sound to be heard here.

It’s nothing remarkable, a decent pop tune allied to a pretty fresh face and a decent, if not very interesting video means that Dagny, who is currently unsigned, should be able to make her way into crowded but far from uncharted waters.

She identifies herself as being folk-pop which would put a few people off perhaps but this is certainly only vaguely alternate pop music and it should have enough quirkiness allied to enough sex appeal to make a decent splash.