New Music: Crystal Fighters – Love Alight

Set to drop on 4th August 2014, British Alternative dance band Crystal fighters have a new single on the horizon. The track titled ‘Love Alight’ most certainly does not lack in the tropical pop melodies that the band are renowned for. The band has also released a spectacular video for the track that without a doubt visually complements the unique melodies of the song.

Straight from start to finish it is impossible to sit still and not at least dance along in some way to the upbeat and energetic melody of the track. Throughout, the listener is enticed with a well-mixed array of electronic beats that are complemented with guitar riffs that are clearly heavily influenced by Spanish music.  The melody truly shows that the band is not afraid of some experimentation—creating refreshing new sounds whilst not straying too far from their distinct sound. The catchy chorus definitely hints that the track could possibly be a massive festival anthem. Upon listening, it is easy to find yourself singing along to lead singer Sebastian Pringle’s tuneful vocals. Ultimately after awhile it is impossible to not visualize masses singing along too if you were seeing the band play this track live.

The prospect of the track becoming a festival anthem could likely become a reality with the band scheduled to play Glastonbury, Latitude and Lovebox Festivals this summer. This follows their success and consistent touring post-release of their 2nd album ‘Cave Rave’ Back in 2013 which even included a sold out show at the Brixton Academy.