New Music: Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel (UNKLE Remix)

It’s always an interesting listen when a big-wig of the world of electronica brings their take on a new release, and this remix is certainly no exception. Legendary down-tempo, trip-hop duo UNKLE return with only their second official remix in four years with an entrancing reimagining of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Feel, of their most recent hit album, So Long, See You Tomorrow. The meandering, eastern vibe of the original track is beautifully maintained, but provides the UNKLE twist that is almost incomparable with a low-fi tang to the instrumentation building into the beloved trippy beats that the group’s reworks are so famous for.

The pairing seems to be a match made in heaven, with Bombay’s album being recorded in its majority at their West London studio previously being UNKLE mastermind James Lavelle’s creative haunt. Because of this, it really seems that the duo really got a feel for this track, beating out the other attempts at the ‘Feel’ remixes by properly capturing the essence of the song, without simply adding a generic EDM beat and cross-fading, but genuinely adding something a little different to the mix.

This should only boost Bombay’s meteoric rise to the upper echelons of indie famedom more, not that the group will necessarily need anything of the sort. But the magic touch of UNKLE has done wonders with a remix roster as varied as they come, after working with such greats as Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and modern hip-hop rising star, Lupe Fiasco.

Since their debut album on Long Island, I had the blues, But I shook them loose in 2009, the London boys have had almost unparalleled success in the modern indie scene, with everyone of their releases gaining the UK Gold certification. Their most recent effort is certainly no different, peaking at number one in the UK and US Billboard charts and continuing their reputation as one of the UK’s most innovative and intriguing groups in recent years. Off the back of a critically acclaimed show at the Brixton Academy in their monster UK, EU and US tour they will return to North America this October, after the UK festival run, to continue their colonial mark away from their homeland with an encapsulating live show and a hunger to conquer.

Stream the remix of Feel, here, on the band’s Soundcloud page:

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