I have been a The Midnight Beast fan since I was 14, when I first saw their Ke$ha parody that stormed the internet in 2010. My friends never really understood the humour of their songs, but I always found their music hilarious and because of this, I had high expectations for their second album, especially after they have found success with their self-titled show on E4 and their first album which I know all of the words to, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It starts off with Beast Song Ever, a catchy start to the album with a strong beat techno beat. It was a good choice for the first track as it catches your attention and introduces all three of the Beasts nicely. It moves sharply into Sweet Sixteen, one of my favourite songs of the album. It is an appealing blend between old-school 60’s band musis and singing and a witty rap from Sway. It is done very cleverly and I was still singing it half an hour after listening to it.

Next comes Pointless Skit #1, which really was pointless. I would say it is only worth putting something random in the middle of an album if it is truly hilarious, and the first one was borderline amusing. The fourth song,The Main One, was okay. That is all there is really to comment on, it is not a song that grabs you; it didn’t have a strong hook or definitely wasn’t the funniest song. I skipped it halfway through.

When I’m Older features Stefan as lead vocals, who is TMB’s strongest singer. It was undeniably a witty song, but I found it slightly whiny and was not sad when it finished.

Friends For Never, the sixth song, was from their original album and is one of my favourite songs from TMB. I am not ashamed to say that I know all of the words and forced my best friend to learn them too. Friends For Never will always be a classic for me. Pointless Skit #2 was next, and is by far the funniest skit out of the three; Stefan calls around different celebs to ask for a collaboration, giving him a chance to slag a few of them off. LOL.

Plenty More Fish was definitely one of their better new tracks, with a reggae beat to back up Stefan’s sarky lyrics. It would have been slightly too bitter to be funny if it wasn’t for the upbeat chorus to balance it out. I loved #Holiday, a mash up of Cliff Richard’s classic song and of course, some dry lyrics from all three of the Beasts. I thought it was another one of their clever songs, I could not stop listening to it after. Also featured a brilliant rap from new rap girl Nova Rockefeller.

It was all going so well until I listened to Balls So Hard. It wasn’t a bad song, I just found it quite repetitive and did not have a strong enough hook to keep people listening until the end. Same goes for Bassface, starring Stefan, which came across as slightly bland. I find the songs that feature Stefan more heavily always tend to drag slightly; Ash is definitely the funniest out of the three which definitely showed in Five A Day (featuring Sexual P) as the lyrics always stand out more strongly because they are a lot wittier.

Number 14, Sextape, also counts as one of my favourites on the album. It is a much slower song so the lyrics do not rely on the backing track as much which was refreshing. I liked that the song had a much more indie vibe but the lyrics were still just as dry and witty as ever. More of this please!

Lovebites lowered the tone slightly after Sextape (if that is even possible) and frankly, it went past the funny mark and went into slightly odd. Let’s just say, if I was Stefan’s girlfriend I would not be amused with his lyrics. UBERCVRRNT, the last song was a disappointing song to end on (I would have said Sextape would have been a better choice. It just wasn’t a particularly remarkable song and I ended the album wanting there to be another song to bring the tone back up.

Overall I really enjoyed the second album from of my favourite groups from when I was younger. I sometimes find that The Midnight Beast can be a bit hit-and-miss but this brilliant album, which has a little bit of everything for everyone, and a lot for those who have as sarcastic humour as them, is definitely a hit. I’m impressed, TMB only seem to be going up from here.