Metallica - Lords of Summer (Single Review)

Well its not St. Anger, so that’s one thing to be happy about. It doesn’t have the slow, gothic, brooding tone of Load/ReLoad either, so that’s something else. In fact it doesn’t seem to have any contemporary, mainstream rock trends in it, which is good as it separates it out from the garbage they released in the 90’s.

What it does have is an aggressive, epic, thrash focused main riff that is so Metallica it’s probably alcoholic. It has a mammoth intro, an epic outro and a speed that at fifty-one years old must be giving Kirk Hammet some god awful wankers cramp.

It’s modern Metallica certainly, it’s not got anything close to the genius of Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets or even …And Justice for All, but the lows it could have been burdened with are similarly absent. It wants to be Kill ‘em All but its more on par with the recent (for Metallica) Death Magnetic and that isn’t a bad bar to hit at all.

And this is what Metallica started off their set with at Glastonbury. A parody of their own big game hunting culture with a confusing moral compass where they shoot hunters despite being hunters? Its odd and when they reveal themselves they look like a band made up entirely of Trevor Philips clones from GTAV. Its odd to think that anti war songs like One and Master of Puppets informed a lot of my political thinking when I was younger and are effectively the reason I’m a liberal today. Never get to know your hero’s kids.