Manflu Joys of Life Album Review

London art-punk quintet Manflu are eclectic in both the styles and genres they incorporate, and in band members – they come from Kazakhstan, Japan, France, Brooklyn, and London.

With their album Joys of Life, Manflu pull off the feat of sounding incredibly hectic, yet tight and controlled, though sometimes it gets so quirky it makes you feel sick.

It’s a shame it’s almost spoiled by the last song, Tek. Being ten minutes long isn’t so much the problem, but that it’s the same thing over and over for the whole ten minutes is. That might be okay at the raves Manflu play, but it doesn’t really fit in on this album, where the previous songs are perfectly listenable without the aid of drugs.

Manflu are the sort of band that, if they get huge in a few years’ time, and after a few albums, you’ll almost definitely hear a chorus of hipsters screaming, “I liked them before anyone else even heard of them.”

But you can’t blame Manflu for that.

As good as Joys of Life is, it does sound like you’ll only really get the proper Manflu experience by seeing them play live.

Joys of Life is out now.