Lucius - Turn It Around (Single Review)

Lucius – Turn It Around (Single Review)

Lucius are starting to establish themselves rather well. Hailing from Brooklyn, the quintet have made the UK aware of their talents with an appearance on Later with Jools Holland and are ready for a tour in August. The main selling point to persuade the public to pop along to a show is ‘Turn It Around’. There’s even a remix hitting the internet which possibly has the opposite effect to what was intended- it really makes you appreciate the original.

It’s hard to have any respect for remixes- all the hard work has already been done and somebody has just done some rearranging- but this one goes a bit further and takes away most of the fun from the track. Pop works best when it’s short and snappy, not 7 minutes of what sounds like somebody clapping while their friend plays the glockenspiel.

In order to demonstrate their abilities to this little island, the track they broadcast under the invitation of Jools Holland was ‘Go Home’, a song a lot slower and infinitely less upbeat than the latest offering, so less likely to translate well to a live performance.

Lucius have some great songs under their collective belt that would tickle your earbuds (yes, earbuds are what you put in your ears but for the sake of argument let’s pretend they’re the aural equivalent of tastebuds), not just one standout which would make the trip to see them hard to justify. The dual lead vocals give tracks like Tempest the effect of a constant echo; something which could so easily be annoying but, when it works, it works.

‘Turn It Around’ is out now on iTunes

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