Lorde (Live Review)

When you look at New Zealand singer Lorde singer, you would not think that she was only seventeen years old. You definitely would not think it when she starts singing.

Appearing suddenly on the pitch black stage at the Brixton O2 Academy in a white buttoned up blouse and black trousers, Lorde easily started her set with the confidence of someone who had been performing in front of large crowds for years. This girl is clearly a professional. She started with a track Pure Heroine, Tennis Courts; a chilled introduction to the concert which then merged into White Teeth Teens which the crowd loved.

After a very laid-back first half to the set, the tempo was brought up a few notches by one of my favourite Lorde songs, 400 Lux. The simple stage that had been emanating gothic colours all night was lit up by three gold frames and . That was one of the best things about Lorde’s performance; she did not have to rely on elaborate staging or costumes to impress people, she simply let her voice do the work. And for someone so young, she had immense control over her pitch and tune: every note was flawless.

The highlight of the gig was obviously Lorde’s biggest song to date; Royals. The atmosphere in the O2 was buzzing, everyone was singing along and Lorde looked overwhelmed by the support, although in typical fashion she kept her cool throughout. She then moved into her next single Team, which in my opinion should have been the last song of the night as she performed it so well and the crowd were in their element.

However, she moved back into one of her lesser known songs, another slow tempo track, to end the night. That was my only criticism of the performance; everything else was spot on and it is safe to say that Lorde is a born performer. It was also clear how passionate Lorde is about her music, she only stopped singing one time to humbly thank the audience and admit how scared she was to grow up, forcing into everyone’s minds that despite her amazing stage presence, Lorde is still only a child. If this is the quality of her singing at seventeen, who knows where she go from here.