Jelly Shoes: Kids shoe turned fashion statement

I’m sure a lot of people will admit to owning a pair of jelly shoes as a child but will they admit to owning a pair as an adult?

When the topic of jelly shoes come up whether it’s on the internet or in person there have been mixed opinions about them which gives the impression that jelly shoes are a ‘marmite’ sort of situation; you either love them or hate them! So what do I think… Personally I really admire the fact that jelly shoes are back in fashion and that adults wear them as well as teens/children.

They are the sort of shoes which I will pass in a shop and like. One style I will never understand is jelly shoes and frilly socks, they need to be worn without socks to look their best! It was a great idea to bring back jelly shoes as they are part of people’s childhood and hopefully parents can buy these shoes for their children again so that we are bringing back a part of the past and making it present.

The advantages of these shoes are that they are such a simple style and many types of clothing could be teamed with them, whether your going for a casual daytime approach or a more formal setting. For example: they would be extremely practical yet stylish footwear for vacations, as they would fit perfectly into your suitcase to be worn several times. Not only are they a great fashion statement but they are also practical for today’s living as we are in a multitasking society and these shoes could help serve the same purpose, i.e worn in several separate settings on vacation (beachwear, pool side, evening meal).

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