So how are you feeling today?

Great! It feels good, exciting and a bit scary to know that our new album Lemon Moon will soon be out world wide. It feels like when you are a child and you are looking forward to your birthday, but you are also a bit anxious about about how the birthday party is going to be.

It’s been nearly 3 years since “Save the Youth” came out.  What have the band been up to?

We have travelled around the world playing concerts and festivals. We have released a series of 7’’ vinyl with remakes of songs from Save the Youth by Veto, Autolux, Trentemøller and Glasvegas. We have been drinking coffee, eating strawberry pies and swimming in the sea. We have written a lot of new songs, some of them made it to our new album Lemon Moon. We have experimented with sound and new instruments in the studio.

Save the Youth was one of my favourite albums of 2012.  Can you describe the process of making the album?

Save the Youth was our first album and we felt like detectives looking for traces and clues on how the music of Giana Factory should sound like. We had a vision of finding a unique sound that would be entirely ours and we spend a long time in the studio experimenting with sounds, lyrics and song-writing. Actually we felt a bit like an innovative factory making some kind of space ship no one had ever seen before – in a bit more down to earth DIY kind of factory style…

Can you shed any light on the influences behind the album?

We get influenced by many different things: Movies, art, philosophy, architecture and life in general. The sum of of what is currently filling our three heads is what makes the music. When we made Save the Youth we had some kind of picture wall hanging in the studio, almost like an alter, and we would go to the wall when we got stuck in the process. This felt almost like a ritual thing or a ceremony. We really liked this.

My personal favourite track is “Change of Heart”.  Do you each have a favourite track on the album?

Hmm. No not really it changes which songs we like the best. When we finished recording the songs we began rehearsing them to be ready for concerts and in that process the songs got new life and a different meaning to us. When other artists have made remixes or remakes of some of the songs, it feels like they are once again transforming. We like to think of music as something never finished or closed, but as something dynamic and inspiring. The different listener also get different things out of the music and thereby it is never the same.

How did the band decide on the name Giana Factory?

As we said before, we felt a bit like a factory when we started doing music together, as we were testing and experimenting a lot in our studio. We liked the name Giana because it’s more soft than Factory and originally we got inspired by an old computer game “The Great Giana Sisters” that all three of us played when we were kids. It’s about these cool sisters that eat diamonds and kill dangerous dragons and they jump really high.

You’ve got a new album due out any day now.  How excited should everyone be?

We are very happy and excited about our new album Lemon Moon. With Save the Youth it was very important for us to build up this universe that was ours, on the new album we have concentrated on cutting the songs to the bone by trusting the melodies and lyrics enough to let them stand pretty naked. The album is more stripped down and we got great help from our producer Anders Trentemøller who really has a great ear for sound and knows how to “glue” things together in the music.

I’m sure it hasn’t been all work.  Who have you been listening to recently?

We enjoy very different genres – from north African blues music like Tinariwen to Nick Cave to more soul stuff like Denitia and Sene. We still love old classics like Nick Drake, Nico and Velvet Underground and new stuff like The Weeknd, Beak and Anna Calvi.

You’re known for being Danish, in fact the new album is released in Denmark first.  Where are you based at the moment?

Loui lives in New York for the moment, Sofie and Lisbet are based in Copenhagen

If you had a chance to collaborate with another artist or band, who would it be?

It would be great to do a collaboration with Tinariwen from Mali. Their music is such an interesting combination of african music and dessert blues. Another band would be Portishead, we really love their music, lyrics and production.

Finally, do you have any messages for your British fan base?

We hope to play in the UK very soon!!

New album is released on Monday